The Integrated Time Systems Mission




Make (something) simpler or easier to do or understand.




Meet the expectations, needs, or desires of (someone)


We exist to Simplify and Satisfy.  That’s right…it’s that simple!  No long, drawn out, complex or boring statement of mission that would take a psychologist to explain.

We want your organization to experience this same simplicity with your workforce time tracking.  Labor costs usually are the first or second largest expense on an income statement.  Proper management of this cost leads to efficiency and increased profits.  That requires timely and accurate information in an easy-to-understand format.  Partnering with our team will give you that ability.

Your overall experience with ITS will be unique in the world of business because we constantly refine and build, never standing still.

Every week we meet as a team and talk through opportunities to improve based on our experience over the past week.  This can be an internal situation that took place, a news story one of us heard, or an actual situation we experienced as a customer.  We then take action on those opportunities to ensure we are improving our product.  Sometimes that means an internal change the team feels will help make a more conducive work environment, which in turn allows them to provide better service to our customers.  Other times it is adjusting a customer delivery process or our NOVAtime software to better serve the needs of those we partner with.

There are two phrases we use on a regular basis to guide our discussion:

“Disney-like” Service

Our goal was to find a way to describe our approach to customer service in a succinct way.  We feel we accomplished it, and we aren’t too proud to give credit where credit is due.  We love Disney and the way they approach their interaction with customers.  We use this simple phrase and wait for the smile and nod that always follows.  Mission accomplished!  We are confident that your experience with our team will be a “magical” one!

“Give Them Their Pants”

This story had a profound impact on our team as we were talking through what we wanted to deliver in customer service.  It is a story we ran across from Jeffrey Gitomer that leverages such a simple example that most of us have experienced.  You will hear “just give them their pants!” as a common response to a team member who is asking how to best take care of a customer.  Thank you Jeffrey for making it so simple! I Just Want My Pants!