Time and Attendance for Banking & Finance Employees

Finance Challenges

The finance and banking industry is one that has seen many changes over the past several years. Many financial institutions have seen the hours of their operations expand, their employee population has grown to better serve customers, and managing human capital has become challenging. Financial organizations are no longer 9:00 to 5:00 operations. Most financial institutions have multiple locations and having a centralized system to manage labor is the key to future success.

Integrated Time Systems has developed the tools to assist the financial industry in managing the changes we have seen over the past several years. Making sure offices are properly staffed will increase customer
satisfaction. Putting the proper tools in managers’ hands that better
help them manage their human capital will add to the bottom line and
increase customer satisfaction.

List of Challenges

  • Manual data collection of employee worked and non-worked hours
  • Effectively managing overtime
  • Managing employee schedules to assure proper staffing levels
  • Employees do not have access to their worked and non-worked hours¬†

Solutions from NOVAtime

Recommended Software Features

  • Automated data collection
  • Scheduling
  • Employee Web Services
  • Supervisor Web Services

Recommended Hardware Solutions

  • Biometric data collection devices
  • PC Key-In
  • Badge Terminals
  • Web based applications