GT400P Biometric or Proximity

The GT400P HandPunch utilizes biometric hand geometry technology to reduce time theft by eliminating the ability to punch another person in.  It also acts as a self-service kiosk for employee paid-time-off activities.

It has proven itself to provide biometric accuracy even in the harshest work environments, .

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  • Key Features
    • Real-time data transfer for immediate data processing
    • Punch using hand, barcode, proximity, or badges
    • 3.8 inch QVGA display
    • Biometric hand punch
    • Rapid employee punching
  • GT400 Specifications
    • Eliminates buddy punching – your hand is your password
    • Kiosk capabilities for employee self service
    • Input tips, bonuses dollars, and incentive pay
    • Simple Ethernet installation
    • User friendly touch screen

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