Android and iPhone Apps

Android users can download the NOVAtime app in the Google Play Store. Apple users can download the NOVAtime app in the App Store.

Search for NOVAtime in the App Store or Google Play, download, install, and begin using NOVAtime time and attendance software on your mobile device.

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  • From the mobile device, employees and supervisors can:
    • Punch In and Out.
    • View schedules and time off requests.
    • Request time off.
    • Transfer to various jobs and projects.
    • Verify mobile employee location during punch.
  • Benefits from mobile apps include:
    • iPhone and Android apps are free – no cost to employees.
    • Employees and supervisors can work remotely.
    • Useful solution for plumbers, home health aides, construction workers, and the mobile workforce.
    • Enables employees to submit timesheets without a computer or office phone.
    • Stores data when offline and transmits whenever a data connection is available.
    • Increases productivity by decreasing barriers to time and attendance tracking.

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