Time and Attendance Software Solutions for Business

Industry Challenges

Most organizations today are looking at ways to increase employee morale, manage their labor costs and add to the bottom line of the organization. Integrated Time Systems has assisted organizations in all vertical markets better manage their labor costs, provide employees with self-service portals that put information at the employees fingertips and given managers the tools needed to better manage their human capital.

If your organization is like the thousands of companies we have helped, you are looking to do the following:

  • Improve management of employee schedules and overtime
  • Better plan and schedule your employees
  • Provide managers with tools to better manage labor, which is one of the largest controllable expenses organizations incur

List of Challenges

  • Manual collection of labor and job cost related data
  • Effectively managing the controllable labor cost, including overtime
  • Support multiple job / pay rates for employees
  • Managing employee schedules and staffing requirements
  • Providing a self-service portal to boost staff morale

Solutions from NOVAtime

Recommended Software Features

  • Automated data collection
  • Scheduling
  • Employee Web Services
  • Supervisor Web Services

Recommended Hardware Solutions

  • Biometric devices
  • Badge terminals
  • Badge Terminals
  • Web based applications
  • PC Key-in