Time and Attendance Software for Retail Employees

Retail Challenges

Retailers are constantly searching for ways to enhance their customers’ in-store experience and manage labor which is their largest controllable expense. Customer service is the key to success in retail. Sufficient staff coverage is a challenge to manage; yet, it is key to the success of a retailer and their bottom line.

In order to enhance the customer experience, retailers must effectively manage employee work schedules, have access to real-time labor information, and provide employees with self-service information. NOVAtime has designed solutions with retail in mind.

List of Challenges

  • Manual collection of labor and job cost related data
  • Effectively managing the controllable labor cost, including overtime
  • Support multiple job / pay rates for employees
  • Managing employee schedules and staffing requirements
  • Providing a self-service portal to boost staff morale

Solutions from NOVAtime

Recommended Software Features

  • Automated data collection
  • Scheduling
  • Employee Web Services
  • Supervisor Web Services

Recommended Hardware Solutions

  • Biometric devices
  • Badge terminals
  • Web-Based applications