PC Login Employee Web Punch Capability

  • Punch IN and OUT or enter timesheet data from any web-enabled device
  • View Timesheets
    • View actual hours summarized by paycodes and Group
    • View actual hours worked with IN/OUT time, grouped by regular hours, OT1, OT2, etc.
    • View earnings and deductions
    • View week / pay period total hours
    • Distribute work hours to various groups (i.e. departments, jobs, tasks, projects etc.)
  • Submit timesheets electronically approve timesheets via configurable “I certify” statement.
  • View work schedules
    • View daily work schedule in calendar view by month or by pay period.
    • View total scheduled work hours for each day of the week. Two views are available: Schedule Detail (Lists number of hours scheduled per day of the week for each group (e.g. Job); Schedule Summary (Lists number of hours scheduled, available, and unscheduled.)
    • Request PTO online / view request status online.
  • Look up benefit accrual informationsuch as vacation hours, sick hours, comp-time hours etc.
  • View complete attendance history – weekly, monthly and yearly (Timecard Report). For each pay period, employees can view schedules and accruals (available PTO and all other pay codes)
  • View and update personal profile with appropriate security rights.
  • Configure individual User Preferences.
Biometric clock can access NOVAtime on the web